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'Lazy Daze...' it's journey through lockdown.

I had a family holiday arranged to Bluestone in Wales and I had a couple of large pieces I was working on which I didn't want to take as we were staying in two linked cabins, 2 families and 6 children, an accident waiting to happen. So I decided to start a small piece that if I got the time I would work on whilst there. I picked this picture of the bumble bee because I fell in love with it when I first saw it. I could see the details in the bee and the flower and also I was told that it would not work in black and white - and that's all the inspiration I needed.

As usual my pieces always take longer than I imagine they will however I was loving the level of detail.

As I progressed I started getting this nagging doubt in the back of my mind, not that I couldn't make it look good in black and white but more could it look better with some colour? So as I continued, in my mind I could start to see this piece with some colour added. Before this piece I had never combined pointillism and colour.

It was around this stage that I made the decision that I would be adding colour to this piece so I left areas knowing where I saw colour, as above. As you can see below I could not wait to add some colour and impulsively added some because I simply because I am impatient. Judging by the favourable comments I received on social media it was clear that others were enjoying it as much as I was.

So I finally finished it and took it to be reproduced, after a week the world changed and before I knew it we were all locked away and so was 'Lazy Daze...'

As the world is slowly returning to what is liable to be the new normal, the printer caught up on their backlog of work and today I got to collect this piece, the prints and the original. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed this piece and just how much detail it has.

This afternoon I was excited to frame the original which is now at the Norski Noos Gallery in Dereham available to purchase. I also framed one of the A3 prints because this is by far one of my favourite pieces and it belongs on our wall at home. I also mounted some of the A4 prints ready for dispatch to those that had pre-ordered.

The quality and detail in these giclée prints is amazing and I am looking forward to some feedback.

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