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This is 'Responsibility...' my most ambitious piece to date, ambitious basically due to the level of detail I wanted to include. From the moment I saw this photograph I wanted to recreate it in my style, I contacted the photographer Sharon Bolt of and thankfully she agreed that I could use her incredible photograph.

On the 27th January 2020 I started working on this piece, starting with the baby rhino, painstakingly attempting to recreate every detail. Somewhat obsessed with it I had the baby rhino finished in 3 days.

I had to then break away from this piece to complete the large commission of another elephant 'Hopeful...' however I got back on this piece on 3rd April 2020 when I had the soul destroying prospect of lots of grass and background which lasted until 27th April at which point I needed a break from this piece.

So 6th June 2020 I find myself back on this piece, ready to tackle the massive amount of detail in the mother rhino, attempting to recreate every crease, fold and crack on this majestic creatures immense body.

Below you can see one of my time lapse videos which show my technique with how I build up the tone and details.

I post daily updates on my social media pages and I will post again here in a few days.

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